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   Anne Powell

   Jay Fleming
   Becky Fockler
   Tyler Joscelyn
   Gene LaFollette
   Michael Swallop

   Suzanne Honeyman

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Field Trial
   Becky Fockler

   Suzanne Honeyman


Hunting Test
   Karin Bakken

   Tyler Joscelyn



   Jay Fleming

   Tyler Joscelyn

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The listings on this page are for reference only, and do not constitute an endorsement by the WCWDCA. BUYER BEWARE! Make sure you know how to identify a responsible breeder. Never buy a puppy from a pet store or puppy mill. Are you sure that a Weimaraner is the right breed for you? Read this first! For the best breeder referral, contact your local Weimaraner Club.
Aceweis Weimaraners (Australia)
Adelgrau Weimaraners
Adonai's Weimaraners (CO)
Amarige Weimaraners (Australia)
Anchellach (United Kingdom)
Ansona Weimaraners (United Kingdom)
Argental Weimaraners (Tasmania)
Artemis Terra (Czech Republic)
Ashbrooke Weimaraners
Ashlaren (Sydney, Australia)
Atria Cordis Weimaraners (Poland)

Bavarian Mist Weimaraners (Livermore, CA)
Black Forest Weimaraners
Bonnstetter Kennels (Slayton, MN)
Bravehart Weimaraners
Britfeld Weimaraners (Australia)
Bromhund Weimaraners (Australia)

Camelot Weimaraners (Ashaway, RI)
Carnmellis Weimaraners (New Zealand)
Carousel Weimaraners (Buffalo, NY)
Carski Trakt (Poland)
Casa de Juno (Portugal)
Catruane Weimaraners (UK)
Cheyenne Weimaraners (Denver, CO)
Classic Dream's kennel (Sweden)
Colsidex Weimaraners (Foster, RI)

Dakota Ridge Weimaraners (Aberdeen, SD)
De Las Nubes Weimaraners (Argentina)
Dei Grandi Grigi (Arezzo, Italy)
des Perles d'Artemis (France)
Dianas Argentum (Croatia)
Divani Weimaraners
Driftwood Weimaraners (Cary, NC)
Dunollie Weimaraners (Australia)

Edelweims de la Clarée (France)
Eden Weimaraners (Federal Way, Washington)
Elite Weimaraners (North Port, FL)
Ember Weimaraners (Hillsboro, OR)
Enryb Weimaraners (United Kingdom)
Erbenhof Weimaraners (Austin, TX)

Fala Love'a Weimaraners (Poland)
Fenomena Team (Warsaw - Ursus, Poland)
Flanders Joy (Belgium)
Foxfire Weimaraners (Colorado Springs, CO)
Fyreside Weimaraners (Australia)

Godsangels Weimaraners (Surrey, BC Canada)
Good Dog Weimaraners (Bialystok, POLAND)
Graysong Weimaraners (Slinger, WI)
Graenit Weimaraners (Sacramento, CA)
Granitehill Weimaraners (Hungary)
Grauhund Kennels (Australia)
Grausturm Weimaraners (Australia)
Grey Classic's & Weimpoint Weimaraners (Belgium)
Grey Wonder Dogs (Lithuania)
Greydove Weimaraners (AUS)
Greyflyte Weimaraners (New Zealand)
Grayhaven Weimaraners
Grey Love Weimaraner Kennel (Czech Republic)
Greymaple Weimaraners (Australia)
Greysbeth Weimaraners (Enna, Italy)
Grey Skye Weimaraners (Ontario, CA)
Greywei Weimaraners (Australia)
Griswold Weimaraners (Australia)
Gunalt Weimaraners (UK)

Happylea (Australia)
HiBourne Weimaraners (Long Island, NY)
Hollow Hills - Kennels (Australia)
Huntly Weimaraners (Ireland)

Imperium Star FCI weimaraners (Poland)
Indaba Weimaraners (Portland, MN)
Instar Weimaraners (Canada)

Jagmar Weimaraners (Canada)
Jewel Weimaraners (MN)

Kadma Weimaraners (Australia)
Kanati Weimaraners (Waynesboro, VA)
Karasura Kennel (Bulgaria)
Karisma Alaskan Malamutes and Weimaraners

Kasamar (TX)
Kennel Garbu (Norway)
Kennel Sølvhaven (Norway)
Klugmaus Weimaraners (Manchester, England)

Latvian Weimaraner Website(Latvia)
Liadain Weimaraners (Rouses Point, NY)
Liberty Weimaraners (NY)
Longweis Weimaraners (Victoria, Australia)

Marland Weimaraners (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Marquee Farms (Northern VA)
Midwest Dream (Mechanicsville, IA)
Mimmtrix Weimaraners (Bredared, Sweeden)
Mischief Weimaraners (Pasadena, MD)
Moonstone Weimaraners (Sarasota, FL)
Morganna Weimaraners (UK)
Mystical Shadows Weimaraner (Netherlands)

NightShadow's Weimaraners (Lowell, FL)
Nobiskrug Weimaraners (Brazil)
Northwoods Weimaraners (Monkton, MD)

Of Weimars Joy (Netherlands)

Pasquinel's Weimaraners (Sweeden)
Peaksview Weimaraners (Beltsville, MD)
Pennywood Weimaraners (Lebanon, CT)
Pewteredge Weimaraners (Ontario, Canada)
Poet Weimaraners (Cincinnati, OH)

Quantrels Weimaraners (Bayville, NJ)

Ryanstock Weimaraners (Leicester, UK)

Sagenhaft Weimaraners (Cincinnati, OH)
Sargents Weimaraners
Sassafras' Weimaraners
Scodinzolandia Kennel (Italy)
Scuba´s Weimaraner (Sweeden)
Shefis Weimaraners (Czech Republic)
Simpatico Weimaraners
ShoMar Weimaraners (Clifton, VA)
Silbergeist Weimaraners (Australia)
Silberweiss Weimaraners (France)
Silvasheen Weimaraners (Victoria, Australia)
Silverado Weimaraners (Northern CA)
SilverHoney Weimaraners (Sandy Spring, MD)
SilverLining Weimaraners (Colorado Springs, CO)
Silvestre Gundogs (Norfolk, UK)
Sinaway Weimaraners (NSW, Australia)
Smokey City Weimaraners (Irwin, PA)
Sopris Weimaraners (Topeka, KS)
Spearhil Gundogs (Woodingdean, East Sussex, UK)
Stardust Weimaraners (Oakland, NJ)
Stormdancer Weimaraners (UK)
Steelmahr (Newton, CT)
Swan Creek Weimaraners (Tacoma, WA)

The Last Mohican Weimaraner Kennel (Hungary)
Timberdoodle Weims (Brant, MI)
Touchstone Weimaraners (Arcadia, CA)

Ultima Weimaraners (Bridge City, LA)
Unity Weimaraners (Cape Coral, FL)

vom Fuchsberg (Germany)
Von Obst Weimaraners (Santiago, Chile)
Výmarský ohař * Weimaraner (CZ)

Waldwiese Weimaraners (Adelaide, Australia)
Weather Run (Ontario, CA)
Weimaraner in Österreich (Austria)
Weisup Weimaraners (Australia)
Weimpoint Kennel (Belgium)
Weins Weims (Maryland)
Weissenberg Weimaraners (New Zealand)
Westend Kennels (Scappoose, OR)
Winsome Weims (Iowa)
Win Weims

Zeppo's Weimaraners
Zauberhaft Weimaraners

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